Imaging and Analysis

Following electrophoresis, protein bands can be visualized and subjected to qualitative and quantitative analysis. Protein visualization is usually achieved through the use of protein stains. Once the gel is stained, it can be photographed and analyzed using imaging instruments and accompanying software. This section guides you to the various imaging systems and analysis software options available from Bio-Rad. Follow the links below to learn more about the systems and software.


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Imaging Systems

Depending on the gel staining technique(s) employed, image acquisition devices using densitometry, charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras, or laser scanning may be the most appropriate for the digitization of your electrophoresis gels.

Select a gel imaging system based on the staining method(s) used most often in your laboratory.

Analysis Software

Bio-Rad offers a wide selection of software for gel imaging and analysis, with unique features and capabilities.

Select an image analysis software package that best suits your needs.