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The market for therapeutic antibodies continues to grow,1,2 fueled in part by the financial returns from products already on the market, the opening for biosimilars as successful products come off-patent, and advances in technologies for discovery and development. With this growth, teams developing therapeutic antibodies are under a lot of pressure to reach first-in-human studies as quickly as possible. At the same time, those antibodies must be robust, efficacious, and safe.

New technologies and scientifically experienced service partners are a powerful resource that can help therapeutic antibody development teams maximize data quality in the minimum amount of time.

With a proven track record of innovation, quality, and customer support that spans decades, Bio-Rad has helped leading and emerging biopharma companies advance their antibody discovery and development pipelines.

We are ready to use this wealth of expertise to help you and your teams develop safe and effective therapeutic antibodies as efficiently as possible.

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    While the average time from lead identification to IND was 10—12 months immediately before the pandemic,3 Bamlanivimab, one of the antibodies developed to treat COVID-19, moved from discovery to first-in-human studies in 90-days.4

Improve Efficiency from Antibody Discovery to IND

Increase accuracy and efficiency from antibody discovery to IND

Advance Therapeutic Antibody Development with a Proven Partner

For scientists that have extensive experience in therapeutic antibody discovery and development, Bio-Rad provides products, services, and support that help you generate actionable data quickly, confidently, and cost-effectively.

  • Mainpage Icon 1Rapidly generate and screen antibody candidates to find those that match the intended affinity and specificity profile
  • Mainpage Icon 2Design and execute assays to characterize the efficacy, ADME, safety, and PK/PD of candidates in a high-throughput setting
  • Mainpage Icon 3Efficiently characterize the efficacy, ADME, safety, and PK/PD of candidates using recombinant antibodies
  • Mainpage Icon 4Find a cell line that efficiently produces material and meets scale needs
  • Mainpage Icon 5Optimize your lead cell line and its media to improve productivity and cost of goods
  • Mainpage Icon 6Identify biomarkers to monitor either disease progression or treatment safety and efficacy
  • Mainpage Icon 7Efficiently purify antibodies while maximizing recovery and yield
  • Mainpage Icon 8Perform product quality control and certification of analysis

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