Extra Thick Blot Filter Paper, Precut, 15 x 20 cm #1703960



Pkg of 30, 15 x 20 cm sheets, absorbent filter paper



Use this 15 x 20 cm extra thick blot absorbent filter paper in blotting applications as part of the gel, membrane, and filter paper stack, or sandwich.

This filter paper ideal is for transferring gels from large-format cells with any semi-dry or wet transfer blotting system.


These blot absorbent filter papers are:

  • Made of 100% cotton fiber
  • Produced using ultrapure water and contain no additives
  • Suitable for use with alcohol and other organic solvents
  • Provide a uniform flow of buffer through the gel to the transfer membrane in a blotting sandwich

For more information, see the Blot Absorbent Filter Paper product page.

Packaging Options

Dimensions Sheets/Package Gel Compatibility Catalog Number
7 x 8.4 cm 60 Mini-PROTEAN® and ReadyGel® Mini Gels 1703966
7.5 x 10 cm 60 Mini-PROTEAN and ReadyGel Mini Gels 1703965
8 x 13.5 cm 60 Criterion™ Midi Gels 1703967
10 x 15 cm 30 1703958
14 x 16 cm 30 PROTEAN® II xi Gels 1703968
15 x 15 cm 30 1703959
15 x 20 cm 30 1703960
19 x 18.5 cm 30 PROTEAN II XL Gels 1703969

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        Material type
        Filter paper
        Extra thick (2.45 mm)
        Precut filter paper
        Dimensions, cm
        15 x 20