Mini-PROTEAN® Spacer Plates with 1.5 mm Integrated Spacers #1653312



Pkg of 5, spacer plate with 1.5 mm integrated spacer, for Mini-PROTEAN Tetra System and Mini-PROTEAN 3 Multi-Casting Chamber



Use Mini-PROTEAN Spacer Plates with short plates to form cassette sandwiches when casting polyacrylamide gels. These plates can be used for casting gels with a Mini-PROTEAN Tetra System Casting Frame and Stand, or a Mini-PROTEAN 3 Multi-Casting Chamber.

Product Options

Spacer plates to make gels of three different thicknesses are available:

Spacer Plates Catalog Number
With 0.75 mm integrated spacers 1653310
With 1.0 mm integrated spacers 1653311
With 1.5 mm integrated spacers 1653312

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