Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

submerged horizontal electrophoresis cells


Bio-Rad offers a variety of submerged horizontal electrophoresis cells that are ideal for DNA gel electrophoresis. All cells include components for casting gels. The Mini-Sub® cell GT and wide Mini-Sub cell GT DNA electrophoresis systems can be used with ReadyAgarose precast gels.

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    Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell

    Horizontal mini cells offer speed, simplicity, and economy. The wide mini cells are best suited for multiple-sample and rapid-screening DNA electrophoresis applications.

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    Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell

    The wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell is suited for multiple-sample, rapid-screening applications. This popular DNA electrophoresis system has a wide platform that can separate 30 samples per comb.

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    Sub-Cell GT Cell

    The Sub-Cell GT cell is the most versatile of the submerged horizontal DNA electrophoresis cells in the Sub-Cell family, offering the greatest choice of gel lengths, sample combs, and separation modes.

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    (Discontinued) Sub-Cell Model 96 Cell
    The Sub-Cell Model 96 cell was developed specifically for multiple samples/high-throughput analysis. Cell and combs are designed for use with multichannel pipets to expedite DNA gel electrophoresis.
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    ReadyAgarose Precast Gel System

    Precast ReadyAgarose gels are compatible with Mini-Sub cell GT and wide Mini-Sub cell GT electrophoresis cells. Choose from mini, wide, or 96-well DNA electrophoresis gels in 1% or 3% agarose, TBE or TAE buffer, with or without ethidium bromide.