Rack for 18 mm/15 ml Tubes #12003756



Pkg of 1, rack for 70 x 18 mm/15 ml tubes, for use with the NGC Fraction Collector



Use this Rack for 18 mm/15 ml Tubes with the NGC Fraction Collector. Each collection rack features numbered tube positions and holds up to 70 x 15 ml tubes of 18 mm in diameter.

This collection rack for 15 ml tubes is one of several accessories that was developed for use with the NGC Fraction Collector:

NGC Fraction Collector Accessories Catalog Number
Rack for 13 mm Tubes 12003752
Rack for 16 mm Tubes 12003755
Rack for 18 mm/15 ml Tubes 12003756
Rack for 50 ml Tubes 12003757
Rack for Deep-Well Microtiter Plates 12003754
Rack for 1.5–2 ml Capless Microtubes 12003753
Plate Rack Riser 12003760
Prep-20 Preparative Rack Kit 17002942
Peltier Rack Module Microtiter Plate Adaptor 12003747
Peltier Rack Power Supply 12003748
Peltier Rack Module 12003749
Insulated Rack for 15 ml Tubes 12003751
Insulated Rack for 50 ml Tubes 12003759
Peltier Cooling Kit 12005799
Dispense Tip Replacement Kit 12005822

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