Profinia Protein Purification System Software

Profinia Protein Purification System Software


Profinia Software and Firmware Updates

Profinia Software and Firmware
If you purchased the Profinia software and firmware after June 10, 2008, your system will have updated versions preinstalled. If your system was bought before this date follow the directions below.

Profinia Software
Version 2.0 is available to replace Version 1.0 as of June 10, 2008. Call Bio-Rad Technical Support (1-800-424-6723, option 2) to get the updated version.

Profinia Firmware
Latest firmware — main board v1.40; pump and valves (PV) v2.01, are available for download.

For best performance, use new (brown) inlet check valves (#620-0413) with PV firmware 2.01.

To check the firmware version of the Profinia system, go to Data/Utilities on the home screen, select Maintenance/Functions, and then Display Firmware Versions. For proper use of Protein A or Profinity eXact purification methods, the main board firmware should be updated to v1.40.


If you have Profinia software version 2.00, click here to upgrade to version 2.01.

Click here for main board (UI) v1.40 upgrade.


Profinia software offers a convenient way to review purification results. Its user interface is easy to use yet comprehensive and customizable for either real-time data acquisition or data analysis.
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Profinia software offers a convenient way to review purification results. Its user interface is easy to use yet comprehensive and customizable for either real-time data acquisition or stand-alone run data analysis. View, annotate, export, and print your data reports or chromatograms for protein purification runs performed on the instrument. Compare runs or overlay traces and use standard and customizable reports to enhance presentations and publications.

The software provides real-time capture of purification run data for added confidence and convenience, but is not required to run the system. The real-time reporting screen lets you select which traces or other parameters to monitor, such as UV, conductivity, pH,* system pressure, event marks, temperature, and fraction collection.

Key Features**

  • Stand-alone data evaluation — transfer data from the Profinia instrument via a USB flash drive or USB cable connection to any stand-alone PC loaded with Profinia software; evaluate the run results, samples, run logs, and lot and method information in a convenient format
  • Real-time data acquisition — monitor and record real-time data simply by connecting the Profinia instrument to a computer with a USB cable
  • Highly customizable user interface — resize, hide, or show selected elements and access main functions through a convenient toolbar or from the categorized menus; set your own default settings
  • Customizable chromatograms — choose traces to analyze or to monitor, customize trace color and width as well as chromatogram size, view UV traces on separate or merged axes, and zoom into regions of interest
  • Standard report — preview and print Profinia standard reports, which include summary information such as overall run information (start of run, duration, versions, username), result information, which lists sample-specific results (total protein, concentration, loaded volumes), and corresponding chromatogram images
  • Custom reports — select from a range of report elements, place them in any order, add comments, and preview before printing a custom report; in addition, custom reports can be saved to "Favorites" and viewed and printed directly from the toolbar
  • Trace compare — with automatic layout suggestions, you can compare up to 10 runs at a time
  • Trace overlay — overlay traces of different runs

*The pH monitor is optional for the Profinia instrument and must be purchased separately.
** Profinia software does not run or control the Profinia instrument.



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Profinia Software

PC, version 2, software for monitoring and reporting data from the Profinia protein purification instrument, CD-ROM, includes USB cable

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10009035 Instruction Manual, Profinia Software Version 1.0, Rev A Click to download
10015932 Profinia™ Protein Purification System FAQs, Rev B Click to download
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