Viral Characterization Solutions for Coronavirus Research


Characterizing the underlying virus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 infection is key to the development of effective diagnostic tools, vaccines, and therapeutics against the pathogen. Explore tools to support your research into understanding virus structure, infectivity, and viral load along with host-pathogen interaction and pathogen immune evasion strategies.

Genetic Screening: Understanding Host Genetics

Genotype screening for host susceptibility, and exploring changes in gene expression during viral infection, are some of the key studies performed using PCR amplification of viral RNA and DNA. Bio-Rad offers the most advanced real-time PCR detection systems and PCR & qPCR reagents on the market.

Real-Time PCR Assay Panel for Coronavirus Disease Research

RT-qPCR Assay Panel for Coronavirus

Study differential gene expression in response to coronavirus infection using our disease state qPCR assay panels.

  • Bench-tested, guaranteed-to-perform assays
  • Obtain gene expression profile of a whole pathway in one experiment
  • Assay panels for human, mouse, and rat genes

PrimePCR PCR Primers, Assays, and Arrays

PrimePCR PCR Primers, Assays & Arrays

Experimentally validated PCR primer and probe assays for gene expression, copy number variation, and mutation detection analysis for real-time qPCR and Droplet Digital PCR. Alternatively, order custom oligonucleotides to design your own assays.

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Viral DNA/RNA Detection & Quantitation

Droplet Digital PCR Systems for Viral Titer, LD50, and ID50 Measurements

Droplet Digital PCR Systems

Precise and accurate viral quantification is critical to assess disease progression and virologic response to treatment, and for the determination of viral load, infectivity, and potency.

Droplet Digital PCR enables exquisitely precise, sensitive, and absolute nucleic acid quantification without a standard curve. Bio-Rad’s ddPCR systems enable measurement of low-abundance targets, targets in complex backgrounds, and subtle changes in target levels undetectable by real-time PCR, giving ddPCR Assays the ability to accurately quantitate even very low copy numbers.

Detect single-nucleotide variants and easily discriminate between closely related viral strains with high specificity and sensitivity.

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  • Droplet Digital PCR Assays

    Droplet Digital PCR Assays

    Find ddPCR Assays for applications including gene expression, mutation detection, CNV determination, and genome edit detection.

  • Droplet Digital PCR Reagents

    Droplet Digital PCR Reagents

    Digital PCR supermixes are validated to deliver maximum PCR efficiency and sensitivity for DNA and RNA targets on Droplet Digital PCR Systems.

  • Droplet Digital PCR Consumables

    Droplet Digital PCR Consumables

    Droplet generation oil, cartridges, gaskets, plates & seals, pipette tips, and more, specially designed for Droplet Digital PCR Systems.


Droplet Digital PCR Publications

Browse the growing list of cited peer-reviewed journal articles in Droplet Digital PCR Research.

Viral Protein Characterization

Stain-Free Western Blotting: Identification & Quantitation of Viral and Host Proteins

Electrophoresis and blotting are preeminent tools for characterization of viral interactions with host proteins such as cell receptors mediating viral entry and replication. Our complete workflow solution for protein detection and quantitation features proprietary stain-free protein gels and imaging systems, which can provide data in as little as 30 minutes.

Viral Genomics: Understanding Coronavirus Genetic Variation & Diversity

Droplet Digital PCR Assays are ideal for the detection of single-nucleotide variants (SNP) and can discriminate between closely related viral strains with high specificity and sensitivity.

ddPCR Mutation Detection Assays for Coronavirus Genetics Studies

dPCR Mutation Detection Assays
  • Detect mutant DNA at 0.1% of wild-type in one well — down to 0.005–0.1% with multiple wells
  • Wet-lab validated assays available for more than 200 targets — guaranteed to work when used as instructed
  • Validation data available for review and download
  • Instant assay design for custom target sequences

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