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Explore preconfigured medium-pressure NGC Chromatography Systems or custom-configure an NGC Chromatography System to suit a wide range of protein purification throughput and application needs. The NGC Chromatography System will enhance your biomolecule purification capabilities at the laboratory scale and process-development levels. NGC System components are easily added, including pumps, valves, detectors, and accessories. Integrated fraction collectors fully automated through the ChromLab Software will increase productivity and throughput.

NGC Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

Automation, Flexibility, and Capacity All in One

The NGC Chromatography System is a versatile platform that grows and adapts to your research needs. Choose from one of our pre-configured systems, or customize your system with our selection of versatile valves, pumps, detectors, and accessories. Empower your research with sophisticated capabilities, including multi-wavelength UV-Vis detection, pH monitoring, column scouting, and automated buffer blending. Control your NGC and fraction collectors seamlessly and analyze runs using ChromLab™ Software, also available in User Management and Security Edition.

Medium Pressure NGC Instruments
  • NGC 10 Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

    The preconfigured NGC 10 Chromatography Systems meet a range of protein purification needs from analytical applications to lab-scale separations at flow rates up to 10 ml/min.

  • NGC 100 Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

    Optimized for purifications at the milligram to gram scale, these preconfigured 100 ml/min NGC 100 Chromatography Systems are designed to meet a range of throughput and application needs.

  • ChromLab Software

    ChromLab Software

    ChromLab Software enables robust system control, including intuitive, user-friendly method development, automated method development, and analysis options. Control your NGC Instrument and analyze runs using ChromLab Software, also available in User Management and Security Edition.

  • NGC Medium-Pressure Chromatography Modules and Accessories

    NGC Medium-Pressure Chromatography Modules and Accessories

    The NGC Chromatography System can be upgraded by adding additional valves, pumps, detectors, and accessories to optimize the NGC system to meet your application needs.

Chromatography Fraction Collectors

Enhance Your Purification Workflow Throughput and Productivity

The NGC Fraction Collector and Bio-Frac Fraction Collector are seamlessly controlled through the ChromLab Software for optimal, phase-based fractionation.

  • ngc fraction collector

    NGC Fraction Collector

    The NGC Fraction Collector, paired with the NGC Chromatography System, can precisely fractionate biomolecules for discovery and small batch production. In unison with ChromLab and the NGC, this versatile fraction collector allows fractionation into multiple tube and plate options within one method.

  • lsr biofrac fraction collector

    BioFrac™ Fraction Collector

    The BioFrac Fraction Collector is ideal for analytical and preparative chromatography applications. Simple to program and fully controlled via ChromLab software, the BioFrac can be used for routine or complex fractionation schemes.

Chromatography Fittings and Tubing

chromatography fittings

Find tubing, fittings, and accessories to refresh and replumb your chromatography system.

Low-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Components

  • Model EM-1 Econo UV Monitor

    Model EM-1 Econo UV Monitor

    The Model EM-1 Econo UV monitor is a single-wavelength detector for flowthrough monitoring of effluents from chromatographic columns, centrifugation gradients, and other devices.

  • BioLogic LP Valves

    BioLogic LP Valves

    Bio-Rad offers three valve options for the BioLogic LP system: a buffer selection and automated sample loading valve, a manual sample injection valve, and a fraction collection/column bypass valve.

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Working Together: Evitria’s Journey to a Therapeutic Antibody Production Company

Follow Evitria's growth from a small CHO cell supernatant supplier to a global therapeutic antibody production company using the NGC Chromatography System to deliver high-quality antibodies.


Chromatography Resources

  • Design Your NGC System

    Use our configurator tool to build your own NGC Chromatography System to meet your specific workflow and throughput needs.

  • Bioprocessing Resources

    Bioprocess Chromatography Resouces

    Find resources, webinars and events to support your purification success from process development to commercialization.

  • Proteomics and Protein Purification Learning Center

    Proteomics and Protein Purification Learning Center

    Find workflows, protocols, FAQs, videos and product demonstrations, and a wealth of technical information on the theory and principles behind important and cutting-edge life science technologies.