BioLogic™ Low-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Components


BioLogic Low-Pressure Liquid Chromatography Components expand the preparative purification capabilities of the BioLogic LP System and other low-pressure chromatography systems with software, optional valves, and external monitors.

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    BioLogic LP Valves
    Bio-Rad offers three valve options for the BioLogic LP system: a buffer selection and automated sample loading valve, a manual sample injection valve, and a fraction collection/column bypass valve.
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    Model EM-1 Econo UV Monitor

    The Model EM-1 Econo UV monitor is a single-wavelength detector for flowthrough monitoring of effluents from chromatographic columns, centrifugation gradients, and other devices.

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    Model EG-1 Econo Gradient Monitor
    Conductivity monitoring is essential to optimize protein purification methods. The Model EG-1 Econo gradient monitor makes gradient monitoring and conductivity determination effortless.