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Creating standardized treatments from inherently variable material like living cells requires knowing exactly what you are working with, whether you are in discovery, development, or manufacturing. We are here to help.

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Cell therapies like CAR T cells are already changing lives for those with cancer, even though we are only just beginning to understand how to fully exploit this promising therapeutic approach. One of the biggest challenges is managing the “messiness” and variability of biological systems.1 Creating a standardized, well-characterized therapeutic out of living cells requires accurate, reliable, and often quantitative information about the composition and behavior of your cell therapy.

At Bio-Rad, you will find a range of proven products and services that can deliver actionable insight about the composition and behavior of your cell therapy, whatever stage you are at in the development process. Whether you are working in early discovery or manufacturing and QC, genetically modifying cells or simply selecting, characterizing, and expanding a critical subpopulation, we can help you obtain the data you need to move your cell therapy development to the next step.

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As of August 2020, the majority of cell therapy trials found in clinicaltrials.gov by Wang, et al., used T cells (44%), closely followed by stem cells (35%), and then dendritic cells (8%), natural killer cells (7%), microbes (3%), red blood cells (2%), monocytes (2%), and platelets (0.5%).1

Where We Help Advance Your Cell Therapy Development Efforts

  • Antigen Discovery

    Antigen Discovery

    Discover innovative cell therapy approaches quickly and confidently with automated and quantitative tools for neoantigen discovery, CAR T-cell characterization, CAR construct optimization, and more.

  • Cell Therapy Characterization

    Cell Therapy Characterization

    Develop critical assays to evaluate potency and batch-to-batch consistency, whether for CAR T-cell characterization or development of another cell therapy approach.

  • In Vivo Bioanalysis

    In Vivo Bioanalysis

    Assess the body’s reaction to your cell therapy by developing in vivo bioanalysis assays to monitor CAR T-cell persistence, exhaustion, and other functional parameters.

  • Manufacturing & QC

    Manufacturing & QC

    Efficiently ensure the safety of your cell therapy manufacturing process, whether you are evaluating transgene copy number or verifying the absence of microbial pathogens.

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  1. Wang LLW, Janes ME, Kumbhojkar N, et al. Cell therapies in the clinic. Bioeng Transl Med. 2021;6(2):e10214. doi:10.1002/btm2.10214

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