Bio-Scale™ Mini Bio-Gel® P-6 Desalting Cartridges, 10 ml #7325304



Pkg of 5, 10 ml, prepacked gel filtration column, 80 mm x 12.6 mm, max. pressure 45 psi, for use with BioLogic™, Profinia™ and other chromatography systems
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use Bio-Scale Mini Bio-Gel P-6 cartridges for desalting or buffer exchange with BioLogic and Profinia systems or any chromatography system, a peristaltic pump, or a syringe.

  • 10 ml cartridges filled with Bio-Gel P-6 gel filtration (size exclusion) chromatography support
  • Double-walled polypropylene cartridge; run at pressures up to 45 psi with aqueous buffers

Other Packaging Options

Bio-Scale Mini Bio-Gel P-6 Cartridges
Volume Max Pressure Packaging
732-4502 5 ml
45 psi Pkg of 1
732-4504 5 ml
45 psi Pkg of 5
732-5304 10 ml 45 psi Pkg of 5
732-5312 50 ml
40 psi Pkg of 1
732-5314 50 ml
40 psi Pkg of 5

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