Certified PCR Low Melt Agarose, 125g #1613114



125 g, recommended for fragments ≤1,000 bp, high sieving capacity low-melting temperature agarose, certified free of inhibitors, DNases, RNases
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Choose Certified PCR Low Melt Agarose for applications requiring a high resolving capacity for PCR products and other DNA fragments ≥1,000 bp.  This low melt agarose is recommended for any application involving recovery of DNA or RNA.

  • Suitable for preparative electrophoresis
  • For in-gel applications including agarase digestion
  • High sieving capacity
  • 65°C melting temperature is below the melting point of most nucleic acids
  • Guaranteed to be free of DNA binders, inhibitors, DNases, and RNases
  • Very low gel background staining
Certified PCR Low Melt Agarose Separation Range
4% 10 bp–600 bp
3% 20 bp–1 kb
2% 40 bp–2 kb

Packaging Options

Weight Catalog Number
25 g 1613113
125 g 1613114
500 g 1613115


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