Profinity eXact™ Mini Spin Columns #1563007



Pkg of 10, mini spin columns packed with 0.1 ml Profinity eXact Resin, includes 50 capped, collection tubes
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Choose Profinity eXact Mini Spin Columns for rapid purification and in-line tag removal of Profinity eXact-tagged proteins by affinity chromatography. The spin columns can be used with a standard centrifuge and one purification run takes less than one hour.

  • Consists of a novel affinity medium immobilized with a modified version of the subtilisin protease
  • Allows the highly specific protease to bind strongly to the Profinity eXact tag with sub-nanomolar affinity
  • Helps cleave and elute the tag-free target protein from the column with its native or desired N-terminal amino acids

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