Vericheck ddPCR HEK293 Residual DNA Quantification Kit #12016814



The Vericheck ddPCR HEK293 Residual DNA Quantification Kit brings the specificity in testing for HEK293 DNA contamination. The precision and reproducibility of this kit allows for an absolute measurement of residual HEK293 DNA using Droplet Digital PCR.

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Biotherapeutic products are manufactured in immortalized cell lines, most commonly HEK293. Residual DNA from HEK293 lines can harbor tumorigenic genetic sequences or retroviral sequences that could be transmitted through the biotherapeutic to the human recipients. Accurate quantification of HEK293 DNA is essential to produce a safe and appropriate therapeutic dose. However, the standard methods used for such quantification, like quantitative PCR (qPCR), face challenges due to lack of specificity and reproducibility. The Vericheck ddPCR HEK293 Residual DNA Quantification Kit for ddPCR Assays has been designed to quantify residual HEK293 DNA in biotherapeutics with high specificity and reproducibility without the need for extraction.

Features and Benefits

  • High sensitivity and specificity
    • Limit of detection (LOD) of 0.1 pg/µl (3 wells) and limit of quantification (LOQ) of 1 pg/µl (3 wells)
    • Low cross reactivity and low false positive rate;
      • 99.9% specificity to HEK293 DNA when tested against CHO, E. coli, and Vero DNA
  • Extraction-free, easy-to-use protocol
    • Broad range of sample types from in-process samples (cell lysates, cell culture media, sonicated samples, and adeno-associated virus [AAV] vectors) to purified final product (phosphate buffered saline [PBS] with human serum albumin)
  • Auto-thresholding with Regulatory Edition software
    • Automated data analysis using in-kit positive control with QX Manager Software version 1.2 / QX ONE Software version 1.2, Regulatory Edition
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, offering audit trails with tracked protocol changes

Product Contents

  • Quant Kit includes:
    • Quantitative Assay
    • ddPCR RDQ Supermix
    • Positive Control
    • Negative Control
    • Internal Control

Configuration Options

(Bundles or different component sets) Catalog Number
QXONE Droplet Digital PCR System 12006536
QX200 AutoDG Droplet Digital PCR System consisting of:
QX200 Droplet Reader
Automated Droplet Generator
QX Manager Software, Regulatory Edition 12012172
QX Manager Software, Standard Edition 12012171
QX ONE Software, Regulatory Edition 12012078


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