ChemiDoc™ to ChemiDoc MP Upgrade Kit #12003263



Pkg of 1, includes blue, green, red, far red, near infrared illumination sources and emission filters



Use the ChemiDoc to ChemiDoc MP Upgrade Kit to upgrade your ChemiDoc Imaging System to a ChemiDoc MP Imaging System. This upgrade permits both the use of a wider range of fluorophores (RGB, far red, and NIR) and detection of multiplex fluorescent blot signals.

Features and Benefits

  • Extend your imaging capabilities — gain the advantages of using a wider range of fluorescent reporters including StarBright™ fluorophores; see the fluorophore compatibility table
  • Increased blot multiplexing — excitation sources from blue to near IR and emission filters from green to near IR allow detection of multiple antigens simultaneously on the same blot
  • Less crosstalk — the simultaneous use of narrower wavelength excitation sources and narrower bandwidth emission filters decreases spectral overlap

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Supporting Documents

  • ChemiDoc MP Brochure
  • ChemiDoc and ChemiDoc MP Imaging Systems with Image Lab Touch Software User Guide
  • Bio-Rad V3 Western Workflow

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