ReadyAgarose Precast Gel System


Precast ReadyAgarose gels are compatible with Mini-Sub cell GT and wide Mini-Sub cell GT electrophoresis cells. Choose from mini, wide, or 96-well DNA electrophoresis gels in 1% or 3% agarose, TBE or TAE buffer, with or without ethidium bromide.

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    ReadyAgarose Precast Gels

    ReadyAgarose precast gels are prepared in UV-transparent gel trays designed to fit securely in Mini-Sub cell GT and wide Mini-Sub cell GT cells. ReadyAgarose gels come in a choice of 27 gel types.

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    ReadySub-Cell GT Cells
    Bio-Rad ReadyAgarose gel trays have been specifically designed to fit into the Sub-Cell GT line of submerged horizontal electrophoresis cells, ensuring optimal electrophoresis results.