Science of Opioid Dependence Kit #17005316EDU



Electrophoresis and genetics kit, includes DNA samples, molecular weight ruler, loading dye, and microcentrifuge tubes for 32 students; educational use only
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



DNA gels

Run your DNA gels in 10 minutes!

Find Out How

Use the Science of Opioid Dependence Kit to teach your students complex genetics in the context of opioid dependence. Students will design a human genetic research study to investigate a genetic component of one’s susceptibility to opioid dependence. Then they will analyze the genotypes of participant DNA samples by gel electrophoresis and use statistical methods to make claims.

Features and Benefits

  • Engages students in a real-world public health issue
  • Includes pre-amplified PCR samples to study the technique without a thermal cycler
  • Contains reagents and consumables for 8 lab stations (32 students)

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Alternate Product Configurations

Electrophoresis Reagents Kit Options Catalog Number
Science of Opioid Dependence Kit 17005316EDU
Science of Opioid Dependence Kit plus Fast Blast Electrophoresis Reagents 17005297EDU
Science of Opioid Dependence Kit plus UView Electrophoresis Reagents 17005313EDU



DNA Sample 1
250 µl
DNA Sample 2
215 µl
PCR Molecular Weight Ruler
200 µl
Orange G Loading Dye, 5x
1 ml
1.5 ml EZ Micro Test tubes

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