CFX Maestro 2.3 Software for Windows PC #12013758EDU



1 license, CFX Maestro 2.3, software for real-time PCR plate setup, data collection, statistics, and graphing of results; for Windows PCs; for educational use only



Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Statistics

CFX Maestro Software 2.3 is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use suite of tools for collection and analysis of real-time PCR data from the CFX Real-Time PCR Systems series. This software streamlines the entire process of real-time PCR, including reference gene selection, plate setup, and data collection, analysis, and visualization (it does not control the instrument).

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Compatible real-time PCR systems
Compatible real-time PCR systems CFX Opus 96 System, CFX Opus 384 System, CFX96 Touch System, CFX96 Touch Deep Well System, CFX Connect System, CFX384 Touch System
Operating system
Minimum: Windows 7
Recommended: Windows 10