Foresight Nuvia HP- Q RoboColumn, 600 μl #12007014



1 row of 8 columns, 600 μl, RoboColumn unit prepacked with Nuvia HP-Q Strong Anion Exchange Chromatography Media, 50 µm particle size



A strong anion exchange resin provides both high binding capacity and high recovery, even at high flow rates. A rigid bead complete with large pores and optimized surface extenders, this high-performance resin was designed for large biomolecule purification.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for purification of large biomolecules
  • Excellent pressure flow properties
  • Recover more target biomolecule with less resin
  • Increase productivity and decrease cycle time with high flow rates
  • Easily scalable to meet manufacturing demands
  • Improve overall process economics

Large Molecule Applications

  • Plasma proteins IgA and IgM
  • Viruses
  • VLPs
  • PEGylated proteins

Configuration Options

Product Catalog Number
Nuvia HP-Q Media, 25 ml 12006693
Nuvia HP-Q Media, 100 ml 12006691
Nuvia HP-Q Media, 500 ml 12006660
Nuvia HP-Q Media, 5 L 12006659
Nuvia HP-Q Media, 10 L 12007023
Screening Tools
Foresight Nuvia HP-Q Column, 1 ml 12007020
Foresight Nuvia HP-Q Column, 5 ml 12007021
Foresight Nuvia HP-Q RoboColumn Unit, 200 μl 12007013
Foresight Nuvia HP-Q RoboColumn Unit, 600 μl 12007014
Foresight Nuvia HP-Q Plates, 20 μl 12006908

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