Real-Time PCR Systems

CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems are powerful and flexible instruments, featuring 2–5 color multiplexing, advanced optical technology, and precise temperature control with thermal gradients. Our qPCR systems deliver sensitive, reliable detection of both singleplex and multiplex real-time PCR reactions. Our CFX Maestro qPCR Analysis Software, provides superior data collection, statistical analysis, and data visualization capabilities.

qPCR Systems

CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR Instrument
CFX Opus 96
Real-Time PCR System
CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR Instrument Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System
CFX Opus 384
Real-Time PCR System
CFX Duet Real-Time PCR System
CFX Duet
Real-Time PCR System
CFX96 Touch Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System
CFX Opus Deepwell
Real-Time PCR System
Powerful 5-channel multiplexing with our best thermal uniformity and modernized data management options.
Our high-throughput system with 4-channel multiplexing, automation capabilities, and more.
Accessible qPCR for essential molecular testing.
Industry-leading technology for large-volume reactions in real-time PCR applications.
Wells 96 384 96 96
Multiplex channels 5 plus FRET 4 plus FRET plus FRET 5 plus FRET
Touch screen Color Color Computer-controlled
operation only
Reaction volume 1–50 µl 1–30 µl 1–50 µl 10–125 µl

NEW PRODUCTCFX Opus Deepwell Real-Time PCR System

Maximize your qPCR nucleic acid detection with the largest wells in Bio-Rad qPCR.

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Real-Time PCR Analysis Software

Real-Time PCR Analysis Software

CFX Maestro Software is built to work with the CFX series of real-time PCR systems and is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use comprehensive tool for plate setup, data collection, data analysis, and data visualization of real-time PCR results.

CFX Maestro Software Features

  • Statistical data — t-tests and one-way ANOVA
  • Publication-quality graphing — edit, annotate, and export charts at high resolution
  • Reference gene selection tool — stability level of genes is displayed
  • PrimePCR Assay integration — plate run files can populate plate setup

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Reagents and Plastics Selectors

Use our selectors to find the best reagents, plates, tubes, seals, and accessories for your PCR and qPCR experiments.


  • Customer Stories: Understanding Viral Replication Using Cutting-Edge qPCR and Gene Editing Technologies

    Dr. Arturo Diaz describes his research on understanding single-stranded RNA viral replication and optimizing the CRISPR/Cas9 system to potentially identify targets for future broad-spectrum antiviral therapies.

  • Using CFX Maestro Software to Advance qPCR Research

    Dr. Sascha Drewlo uses CFX Maestro Software in his research to investigate the development and role of human placenta in pregnancies by finding intervention strategies and early methods of disease detection.


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