PTC Tempo Thermal Cyclers

The New PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler

Modern. Intuitive. Reliable.
Engineered to maintain thermal performance that delivers accurate results, the PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler offers the flexibility to scale with your laboratory.

  • Get the consistent performance you need with the same thermal accuracy and uniformity you can trust
  • Modern user interface with enhanced touch sensitivity for an intuitive experience
  • Expanded connectivity — Wi-Fi, ethernet, and USB
  • Cloud connectivity: create and send protocols from your cloud platform
  • Network storage drive access for file management
  • Secure user mode for regulated environments

PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler Features

Click and drag the 3D model of the PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler to explore the instrument. Click the orange targets for more information on key features.

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PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler Cloud Connectivity:

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The PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler seamlessly integrates with Bio-Rad's new cloud platform,, enabling you to get the most out of your instrument and minimize time at the bench. can be accessed from any internet connection using a Safari or Chrome web browser, and there is no software installation required. cloud connectivity eliminates the need for a dedicated computer connected to the instrument and provides new capabilities.

  • Figure performing a remote setup

    Remotely set up PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler runs, and start directly from the instrument

  • Instruments connected the cloud

    Monitor instrument status remotely

  • Automatically transfer and store data in the cloud

  • Figure analyzing data

    Access and analyze data from anywhere


  • PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler System Brochure Image

    PTC Tempo System Brochure

    An orientation to our new PTC Tempo System features including details on our extended connectivity and usability as well as technical functions.

  • PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler Research Flier

    Research Flier

    Highlights product features for our customers in discovery and development research across academia and other settings.

  • PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler BioPharma Flier

    BioPharma Flier

    Highlights product features for our customers in controlled and regulated environments like bioprocessing and quality control.

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