iQ-Check Cronobacter PCR Detection Kits #3578137



Pkg of 1 kit, includes lysis reagent, fluorescent probes, PCR amplification mix, positive and negative controls, for 94 samples
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the iQ-Check Cronobacter spp. PCR Detection Kit for identifying DNA sequences specific to Cronobacter spp. (formerly classified as Enterobacter sakazakii) in infant formula, foodstuffs, and environmental samples. This test can be run in parallel with other iQ-Check Kits.

Features and Benefits

  • Kit contains 96 tests, sufficient for processing 94 samples with positive and negative controls in a single run; store at 2–8°C
  • Results in one day including enrichment, unlike traditional methods that usually take three days
  • Use for confirmation of single isolated colonies from Cronobacter agar plates such as RAPID'Sakazakii Agar
  • For high throughput, use the iQ-Check Prep System, a robotic liquid handling platform performing DNA extraction and PCR plate setup


Certified NF VALIDATION according to the ISO 16140 standard and validated by the AOAC

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