CFX Automation System II for Real-Time PCR Systems #1845075



Plate handler and barcode scanner, mounting plate, automation software; does not include CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems



Combine our robotic plate handler with any CFX Real-Time PCR Detection System to create a high-throughput, automated real-time PCR system with a compact footprint. The CFX Automation System II enables the walk-away generation of large volumes of data with rapid data analysis. The included software is designed to work seamlessly with all CFX Systems, eliminating the need for expertise with automation systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Use with one or two CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems; mix and match 96- and 384-well systems
  • Add CFX Systems or recalibrate the automation system with the intuitve calibration wizard
  • Customize settings; tailor automation runs to your specific needs
  • Pair cycling information with specific barcoded plates and import barcode information from laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
  • Receive optional email notification with attached data file at the completion of each run

Product Components

  • Plate handler with attached barcode scanner
  • Mounting plate
  • Calibration block
  • Three removable racks
  • Eight extra gripper pads
  • Two plate lifters for use with CFX384 and CFX384 Touch Systems
  • CFX Automation Control Software installation CD

Configuration OptionsFlexible Configurations Meet Your Throughput Needs

Flexible CFX Automation System II configurations to meet your high-throughput needs.

The CFX Automation System II is compatible with all CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems:

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Catalog Number
IQ and OQ No 1845080
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IQ and OQ Yes 1845082
OQ Yes 1845083

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Dimensions (W x D x H)
57 x 77 x 97 cm (21 x 30 x 38 in.)
55 kg (110 lb)
384-well plates per rack
96-well plates per rack
Operating systems
Windows 7, Windows 8
CFX Manager™ Software
Version 3.1.1621 or higher

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Recommended SKUs