C1000 Manager Software #1844000



PC software for the C1000 Thermal Cycler, allows control of up to 32 thermal cyclers simultaneously dino



Use the flexible C1000 Manager Software to create and optimize cycling protocols on a standalone PC and then transfer protocols via a USB device to a C1000 Thermal Cycler.

Alternatively, connect a PC running the C1000 Manager Software directly to a C1000 Thermal Cycler to program and control the cycler from the PC. When a PC is connected to a C1000 Thermal Cycler, up to three S1000™ Thermal Cyclers can be daisy chained to the C1000 Cycler and controlled by the software.

C1000 Manager Software operates on PCs running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Features and Benefits

  • C1000 Manager Software can directly control up to 8 C1000 Thermal Cyclers via cable from the computer to USB B ports on the thermal cyclers
  • Control up to 32 thermal cyclers from a single computer (8 C1000 Thermal Cyclers, each connected to 3 S1000 Thermal Cyclers via USB A ports on the back of the C1000 Cyclers)
  • Send protocols to connected thermal cyclers and start runs on individual or multiple blocks, either independently or simultaneously
  • Monitor the progress of individual blocks/instruments from a central screen
  • Create and manage user profiles, preferences, and access privileges
  • View, zip, and send report logs; receive email notifications

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