Trans-Blot® SD System and PowerPac™ HC Power Supply System #1703848



100–120/220–240 V, semi-dry electrophoretic transfer cell and HC power supply (#164-5052), includes agarose gel support frame, extra thick blot paper in 4 sheet sizes



The Trans-Blot® SD semi-dry transfer cell (catalog #170-3940) and PowerPac™ HC power supply (catalog 164-5052) are bundled together in this offering.

The Trans-Blot SD semi-dry electrophoretic transfer cell allows fast, efficient, and economical blotting without a buffer tank or gel cassettes. Western, Southern, or northern transfers can be completed in 15–60 min with minimal buffer requirements.

The Trans-Blot SD semi-dry electrophoretic transfer cell includes the cell, one Trans-Blot SD agarose gel support frame, and four packs of extra thick blot paper (60 sheets each, 7 x 8.4 cm, 8 x 13.5 cm, 14 x 16 cm, and 18 x 18.5 cm).

The PowerPac HC power supply, with its higher current output capacity, is recommended for high-current applications such as high-throughput electrophoresis; it is also a perfect choice for western blotting. The two-line, 16-character LCD allows programming from a single screen and easy monitoring of run progress. Intuitive programming permits multistep methods and timed runs with the choice of constant voltage, current, or power output.