CHEF DNA Size Standard, 48.5–1,000 kb, Lambda Ladder #1703635



5 agarose blocks, PFGE standard, lambda (λ) ladder, 48.5-1000 kb in 48.5 kb increments, concatemers of λcl857Sam7 lambda DNA per block, for 25–40 plugs
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use CHEF* DNA size standards for size estimation of larger DNA fragments separated by pulsed field electrophoresis.

  • Size range: 48.5–1,000 kb in 48.5 kb increments (λcl857Sam7 concatemers)
  • Recommended gels: 0.8–1.0% Pulsed Field Certified Agarose or molecular biology grade agarose

Note: Cut a plug from a block into a size that will fit a well of your gel (5–8 plugs per block). The height of the plug should not extend above the well. After placing the plug into a well, seal the well with melted 1.0% low-melt agarose, and allow it to solidify. Store blocks at 4°C.

Pulsed Field Size Standards Size Range
CHEF DNA Size Marker (1703605) 0.2–2.2 Mb
CHEF DNA Size Standard (1703624) 4.9–98 kb
CHEF DNA Size Standard (1703635) 48.5–1,000 kb
CHEF DNA Size Marker (1703667) 1–3.1 Mb
CHEF DNA Size Standard (1703707) 8.3–48.5 kb

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*Clamped homogenous electrical field