Foresight Pro Chromatography Column, 0.2 L CHT XT, 40 µm #12014725

Foresight Chromatography Column 12014725


Foresight Pro Chromatography Column, 0.2 L CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT, 40 µm, 5 cm (diameter) x 10 cm (length)



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Foresight Pro Columns are prepacked with CHT XT Media are specifically designed to be used for the production-scale manufacturing of biologics. CHT XT Media is engineered with advanced technology, resulting in unique selectivity and robust, uniformly-sized beads with excellent pressure-flow properties. It is fine-tuned for the removal of aggregates and process impurities.

Features and Benefits

  • GMP ready columns
  • Quality data includes asymmetry and HETP, endotoxin, and bioburden
  • Columns maintain performance criteria post shipping
  • Variety of columns were tested independently using ISTA 2A Tests
  • Each column includes a regulatory support file
  • All materials in direct fluid contact path meet USP Class VI according to USP <88> Biological Reactivity Test
  • All columns are packed in a controlled ISO Class 7 cleanroom
  • Tri-Clamp connectors compatible with available chromatography systems
  • Resin reference sample included with each column

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Column efficiency, plates/meter
≥ 4,800
Column asymmetry
0.80 ≤ As ≤ 2.2
Microbial bioburden, CFU/ml
< 10
Endotoxin level, EU/ml
< 0.25
Resin Type
Mixed Mode
Resin Name
CHT XT, 40 µm
Column Diameter
5 cm
Column Length
10 cm
Column shipping solution
0.1 N NaOH