Size Exclusion Chromatography Resin

gel filtration chromatography resin


Size exclusion or gel filtration chromatography resin include Bio-Gel P polyacrylamide gels for a wide range of high molecular weight molecules and Bio-Beads S-X resin for the separation of lipophilic polymers.

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    Bio-Gel A Agarose Gel
    Bio-Gel A 1.5m gel, ideal for purification of antibodies and aggregates, consists of agarose beads in which the pore size is controlled by the percentage of agarose.
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    Bio-Beads™ S-X Resin
    Bio-Beads S-X resins are neutral, porous styrene divinylbenzene beads for size exclusion chromatography of lipophilic polymers and other solutes that require organic eluents.