Bio-Spin® P-30 Gel Columns, Tris Buffer #7326231



Pkg of 25, prepacked spin columns with Bio-Gel® P-30 in Tris buffer, sample volume 50–100 μl, 40,000 MW limit, includes 50 collection tubes
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use Bio-Spin P-30 columns to clean up DNA, RNA, and protein samples. Remove salts and small molecules with a simple 4-minute microcentrifuge spin. Convenient, ready-to-use columns are prepacked with appropriately sized Bio-Gel P gels hydrated in Tris or SSC buffer.

  • Efficient (98%) removal of ddNTPs and dye terminators
  • Sample volume: 50–100 μl; bed height: 3.7 cm; overall length: 5 cm
  • Packed with Bio-Gel P-30 (MW limit: 40,000)
  • 50 collection tubes included

Other Packaging Options

Bio-Spin P-30 Columns Buffer Packaging
732-6231 Tris Pkg of 25
732-6232 Tris Pkg of 100
732-6006 SSC Pkg of 100

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