ddPLEX ESR1 Mutation Detection Kit #17009501

ddPLEX ESR1 Mutation Detection Kit


The ddPLEX ESR1 Mutation Detection Kit detects discriminates and quantifies seven key variants in the ESR1 gene and their wild-type counterparts, which allows for calculation of variant allele frequencies in both plasma and tumor tissue samples.



The ESR1 gene encodes estrogen receptor (ER) subtype alpha. The ddPLEX ESR1 Mutation Detection Kit quantitatively interrogates seven key ESR1 variants across three exons: exon 5 (E380Q), exon 7 (S463P) and exon 8 (L536R, Y537C, Y537S, Y537N and D538G), and their wild-type counterparts.

The kit consists of sufficient reagents for 120 reactions (including 60 reactions of each for the Mutant Assay and Wild-Type Assay), a synthetic DNA based ESR1 Positive Control, multiplex supermix, and DTT.

The kit is used with the Bio-Rad QX600™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System or QX600™ AutoDG Droplet Digital™ PCR System and is compatible with the QX Manager Standard Edition and Premium Edition Software for data analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly sensitive (0.01%–0.025% VAF*) single-well discrimination of seven key ESR1 gene mutations
  • Same-day results with a streamlined workflow
  • Flexible sample input of DNA from plasma or FFPE
  • Kit includes positive and internal controls
  • Sensitivity increased with patented wild-type suppression chemistry
  • ddPCR-powered reproducibility and specificity using the QX600 ddPCR system and QX Manager Software

* Variant Allele Frequency

Applications & Uses

  • For the detection, discrimination and quantification of key ESR1 mutations for breast cancer research, from cfDNA in plasma and/or DNA in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples.

Product Contents

Included Components

The kit includes the following components for 120 reactions:

Material Number Description Quantity
12019648 ddPLEX ESR1 Mutation Detection Assay
ddPLEX ESR1 Mutant Assay (85 µl, 60 reactions)
ddPLEX ESR1 Wild-Type Assay (85 µl, 60 reactions)
ddPLEX Enhancer (100 µl)
ddPLEX Internal Control (500 µl)
12019606 ddPLEX ESR1 Positive Control, 100 µl 1
12005909 ddPCR Multiplex Supermix, 1.2 ml 1
12012171 Dithiothreitol (DTT), 2 ml 1

The four components listed above can also be purchased individually.

Configuration Options

The ddPLEX ESR1 Mutation Detection Assay should be used with the QX600 ddPCR System and either the Manual Droplet Generator or the Automated Droplet Generator. Equipment, key consumables, and reagents necessary for the QX600 System are listed below (additional items may be needed, please see the User Guide for more details)

Key Droplet Generation & Reader Equipment, Consumables & Reagents

Description Catalog Number
QX600 Droplet Reader 12013328
Automated Droplet Generator 1864101
QX200 Manual Droplet Generator 1864002
PTC Tempo Thermal Cycler 12015392
PCR Plate Heat Seal 1814040
PX1 PCR Plate Sealer 1814000
ddPCR Plates 96-well Semi-skirted 12001925
ddPCR Droplet Reader Oil 1863004
ddPCR Buffer Control for Probes (2X) 1863052

Reagents & Consumables for Automated Droplet Generation Only

SKU Number Product Name
1864110 Automated Droplet Generator Oil for Probes
1864108 DG32 Automated Droplet Generator Cartridges
1864120 Pipet Tips for Automated Droplet Generator
1864125 Pipet Tip Bins for Automated Droplet Generator

Reagents & Consumables for Manual Droplet Generation Only

SKU Number Product Name
1863005 Droplet Generator Oil for Probes
1863051 Droplet Generator DG8 Cartridge Holder
1864008 DG8 Cartridges for QX100/QX200 Droplet Generator
1863009 DG8 Gaskets for QX100/QX200 Droplet Generator

Mutations Detected by ddPCR Multiplex Mutation Screening Kits

Catalog # ddPCR Multiplex Mutation Screening Kit* Mutations Detected
12015172 MSI** BAT25/26, NR21/24, Mono27
12001037 BRAF V600 V600E, V600K, V600R
1863506 KRAS G12/G13 G12A, G12C, G12D, G12R, G12S, G12V, G13D
12001626 KRAS Q61 Q61H (183A>C), Q61H (183A>T), Q61K, Q61L, Q61R
12001094 NRAS G12 G12A, G12C, G12D, G12R, G12S, G12V
12001627 NRAS G12/G13 G12A, G12C, G12D, G12S, G12V, G13D, G13R, G13V
12001006 NRAS Q61 Q61H (183A>C), Q61H (183A>T), Q61K, Q61L, Q61R
12002392 EGFR exon19 deletions >15 EGFR exon19 deletions

*Assays for each of the mutations detected by these kits can also be ordered individually. Each kit contains 20x ddPCR Mutation Screening Multiplex Assay (1 x 200 μl) and 2x ddPCR Supermix for Probes (No dUTP) (2 x 1 ml).

**Each kit contains ddPCR Multiplex Supermix (2x 600 ul), ddPCR MSI Assay 1 (BAT25/26), ddPCR MSI Assay 2 ((NR21/24), ddPCR Assay 3 (Mono27), Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UDG), positive control, and nuclease-free water.

Software Compatibility

The ddPLEX ESR1 Mutation Detection Kit is compatible with the following QX Software selections:

SKU Number Product Name
(Free download) QX Manager Software, Standard Edition
12018108 QX Manager Software, Premium Edition

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