EconoFit CEX Column Screening Pack #17007872

EconoFit CEX Column Screening Pack


A collection of five prepacked cation exchange chromatography columns, 7 mm x 25 mm, for resin screening experiments and small-scale method development with NGC Systems or any chromatography system



The EconoFit CEX Column Screening Pack is a collection of five cation exchange chromatography resin columns, which can be screened to determine the optimal conditions for the purification of your biomolecules. The pack consists of columns filled with Macro-Prep Resins that exhibit superior mechanical stability to ultra-high binding capacity Nuvia Resins. Please also view Bulletin 6530 which demonstrates the importance of resin/column screening for method development.

EconoFit CEX Column Screening Pack Components

The Econofit CEX Column Screening Pack consists of the following columns:

Packed Resin (1 ml) Type of Ion Exchanger Catalog Number
Macro-Prep High S Strong cation 12009276
Macro-Prep CM Weak cation 12009273
UNOsphere S Strong cation 12009308
Nuvia S Strong cation 12009291
Nuvia HR-S Strong cation 12009284


Macro-Prep IEX Resins

Macro-Prep Ion Exchange (IEX) Resins are designed to provide high resolution and exceptional capacity for preparative separations. Changes in pH or ionic strength of the buffer do not cause shrinking or swelling of the support making it very stable. The hydrophilic matrix reduces nonspecific binding and macroporous nature of the beads enhances access to ionic sites. The physical structure of these resins permit high flow rates at low backpressure. They are an excellent choice for purifications that meet the demands of preparative and process-scale applications.

Macro-Prep High S is a strong cation exchange resin and is ideal for purifying basic and neutral proteins and peptides.

Macro-Prep CM is a weak cation exchanger that provides consistent and reproducible results.

UNOsphere IEX Resins

UNOsphere IEX Resins may be used at any stage of the purification process; at both laboratory and bioprocessing scales. This hydrophilic polymeric support delivers high binding capacity and low backpressures. They allow efficient capture of biomolecules from crude extracts/feed streams. The robust polymer is designed to withstand repetitive clean-in-place cycles; stable to 1 M NaOH.

UNOsphere S Resin is a strong cation exchanger for high-productivity, high-capacity biomolecule separations and has the ability to self-generate an on-column pH gradient, which gives it resolving power not attainable by other S-type resins.

Nuvia IEX Resins

Nuvia IEX Resins are a family of next generation ion exchangers designed to offer superior flow properties and low nonspecific binding while delivering high capacity and unique selectivity. Nuvia IEX Resins are used at laboratory scale for high performance applications and are scalable for bioprocess workflows. Nuvia IEX Resins exhibit excellent stability with extended exposure to 1 M NaOH.

Nuvia S Resin is a strong cation exchanger that provides very high capture and exceptional flow properties designed to meet current and future process needs. Nuvia S Resin may be used both as a capture or polishing solution. Ideal for non-affinity capture to overcome limitations of Protein A supports. This resin delivers superior binding capacity over a wide operational window.

Nuvia HR-S Resin is a high-resolution, strong cation exchange resin designed for intermediate and final polishing purification steps where the separation of closely related biomolecules is challenging.

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Macro-Prep, UNOsphere and Nuvia Resins are also available in bulk resin formats enabling scale-up from laboratory-scale to process-scale purifications. In addition, UNOsphere and Nuvia Resins are available in prepacked Foresight Columns and filter plates which may be used by process scientists for resin screening experiments and/or small-scale method development.



Number Description Options
Instruction Manual, EconoFit Macro-Prep High Q, High S, DEAE and CM Columns
Instruction Manual, EconoFit UNOsphere Q and S Columns
Instruction Manual, EconoFit Nuvia Q and S Columns
Instruction Manual, EconoFit Nuvia HR-S Columns
Protein Purification Workflow Development Using the Bio-Rad NGC Chromatography System and Stain-Free Gel Technology Application Note
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UNOsphere™ S Cation Exchange Resin Product Information Sheet, Ver D
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