DNA Model #1667015EDU



Pkg of 1, includes 24 foam bases, 24 adhesive stickers, 2 sugar phosphate backbones, and 1 instruction sheet to make 1 complete model; education use only



Use this DNA model to build one (1) biologically accurate DNA model.

Rediscover DNA with this larger-than-life model! It's easy — just attach the nucleotide bases to the backbone, pair the DNA strands, then twist them to form the familiar double helix.

Just like a puzzle — and just as in nature — this DNA model fits together only one way: adenine (A) pairs with thymine (T) and guanine (G) pairs with cytosine (C) on the sugar phosphate backbones.

Use this biologically accurate foam DNA model, over 2 feet tall, in a number of fun and educational ways:

  • Show the right-handed double helical structure of DNA
  • Incorporate STEM concepts through the use of modeling
  • Illustrate the base-pair relationship between purines and pyrimidines
  • Engage your students with this friendly, interactive model

The DNA model includes everything you need to build one (1) biologically accurate DNA model, an instruction sheet, and 10 fun facts about DNA.

For home use, purchase the kit directly through Amazon or Edmunds Scientifics.

Information for Retailers

If you're interested in selling the home edition of the DNA model, please contact us at biotechnology_explorer@bio-rad.com.



Kit Contents
Kit contains sufficient materials for 1 DNA model
6 adenine bases — red foam sheet
6 thymine bases — yellow foam sheet
6 cytosine bases — blue foam sheet
6 guanine bases — green foam sheet
DNA backbone gray foam strips
Blue and yellow stickers