Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series #1665000EDU



Molecular biology study kit, includes 8 modules with lab activities from DNA extraction and cloning to computer-based sequence analysis, curriculum (sequencing service not included); education use only
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the Cloning and Sequencing Explorer series to give your students the tools to perform novel research and contribute to the world's body of scientific knowledge. Over 8 modules, students use classic and cutting-edge molecular biology techniques to clone and sequence a portion of the GAPC gene from a plant of their choice. GAPC is a housekeeping gene in the glyeraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) family and is well conserved among plants.

The Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series guides students through the following experimental workflow steps:

  1. Extract genomic DNA from plants
  2. Amplify a GAPDH gene using PCR and analyze using electrophoresis
  3. Purify the PCR product
  4. Ligate the PCR product into a plasmid
  5. Transform the ligated plasmid into bacteria
  6. Grow minipreps of the transformed bacteria
  7. Isolate plasmid DNA and analyze by restriction digestion
  8. Sequence plasmid DNA (sequencing service not included)
  9. Analyze GAPDH gene sequence using bioinformatics

Features and Benefits

  • 6–8 week series of laboratory activities made up of eight modular kits
  • Provides sufficient materials for 12 student workstations, up to four students per workstation
  • Sequencing service not included

For more information and resources, visit the Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series product page.

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