Silver Stain Plus Kit #1610449



Kit for DNA or protein silver staining, includes 50 g development accelerator, 1 L fixative enhancer, 100 ml silver complex, 100 ml reduction moderator, 100 ml image developer, 1 empty 1 L bottle; enough for 13 full-size gels or 40 mini gels
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the Silver Stain Plus Kit for highly sensitive detection of protein or nucleic acid in polyacrylamide and agarose gels.

  • Most sensitive and easiest to use silver stain
  • Detect as little as 0.6 ng of protein or DNA
  • 3-step process allows visualization of samples in less than 1 hour

Silver Stain Plus Kit Contents

  • 50 g development accelerator powder
  • 1 L fixative enhancer concentrate
  • 100 ml silver complex solution
  • 100 ml reduction moderator solution
  • 100 ml image development reagent
  • 1 empty 1 L bottle for preparing development accelerator solution

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