BioPlex 2200 System

BioPlex 2200 System

The BioPlex 2200 System is a fully automated, random access multiplex system that allows clinical laboratories to maximize efficiency for autoimmune, infectious disease, and specialty testing.

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  • See for yourself how clinical laboratories can optimize workflow, reduce testing costs, and improve patient care. Watch the BioPlex 2200 System overview video.

Improve Workflow Efficiency

  • With full automation and multiplex technology, the BioPlex 2200 System can generate more results with significantly less hands-on time.

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Expand Test Menu and Consolidate Testing

  • An extensive autoimmune, infectious disease, and specialty immunoassay test menu allows clinical laboratories to expand in-house testing and consolidate testing from less efficient analyzers onto a single platform.

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Improve Result Throughput and Turnaround Time

  • Multiplex technology allows the BioPlex 2200 System to generate multiple results in a single test. This helps laboratories manage testing workloads and allows clinicians to make faster diagnoses and provide better patient outcomes.

    The BioPlex 2200 System can deliver nearly three times more results per hour than the closest competitor.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • By generating more results with less operator effort, the BioPlex 2200 System minimizes testing and labor costs. Additionally, gains in efficiency enable labs to perform more testing in house and reduce send-out testing costs.

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Physical dimensions
Sample Capacity: Up to 100 samples per hour
Time to First Result: As little as 45 minutes (panel dependent)
Sample Tubes: Any CLSI primary sample tubes
Sample Tray: 10 racks, 5 samples each
Sample Volume: As little as 5 µL
STAT Capability: Continuous access
Walkaway Capacity: 8 hours of continuous use
Operational Mode: Random and continuous access, priority (STAT) loading
Operator Interfaces: Touchscreen monitor, keyboard, trackball mouse
Clot Detection: Yes
Quality Control: Levey-Jennings, Westgard Rules
Sample Barcode Acceptable Symbologies: Code 128, Codabar, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 15
Sample Types: Serum, plasma, or CSF (for more information, refer to BioPlex 2200 Assay Inserts)
Sample Dilutions: 1:4, 1:8, 1:10, 1:16, 1:32, 1:64, and 1:100 (panel dependent)
Access During Use: Continuous sample input/output, consumables replenishment, and waste disposal without interruption of sample processing
LIS Connectivity: Bidirectional: ASTM Standard
Total Laboratory Automation (TLA): Complies with CLSI Auto5A interface standard

* ANA Throughput
Power Requirements
Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC at 50-60 Hz, 1000 W
UPS: Provided
Water Requirements
Water Quality: CLSI Type II or better
Direct Plumbing: Maximum pressure of 50 kPa (7.25 psi)
Installation Requirements



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(Discontinued) BioPlex 2200 System
Fully automated, random access multiplex system for disease-oriented multi-marker assays, includes internal quality control software
Reagent to wash immunoassay samples in preparation for analysis on BioPlex 2200 System; contains PBS and Tween 20 (10 L)
(Discontinued) Reaction Vessels
Bag of 1,000 vessels to hold patient sample and multiplex reagents for multianalyte reactions; to prepare samples for BioPlex 2200 System
1 pack of calibration beads to load onboard reagent carousel; for detector calibration of the BioPlex 2200 System