automated autoimmune eia and ifa instrumentation


Automated autoimmune EIA and IFA instrumentation includes the PhD lx system, the EVOLIS™ System, the PW 41 Microplate Washer, the PR4100 Microplate Reader, and the BioPlex® 2200 multiplex platform

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    PhD lx System
    An automated pipetting workstation for the processing of IFA slides and EIA microplates with integrated software for programming custom assays.
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    Microplate Washer
    Compact, programmable 2 x 8-channel washer/aspirator for 96-well flat, U-, or V-bottom plate microplates with built-in vacuum and dispensing pumps; needle positions are user-adjustable
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    Multiplex Testing

    The BioPlex® 2200 System offers fully-automated, random access, multiplex testing for clinical diagnostic assays