Classroom Kits

Student with a Bio-Rad tube from a classroom kit

Innovative Lab Kits for Science Education

Bio-Rad Explorer Kits enable educators to bring inquiry, the scientific method, and hands-on experiments into their classrooms. With relevant, engaging, hands-on activities, these kits teach critical thinking skills, drive home scientific concepts based on real-world issues, and enable students everywhere to experience the feeling of curiosity and discovery.

The Bio-Rad Explorer program works with master educators and scientists who are experts in their fields to design products that are engaging and relevant to real-world science for high school, CTE, community college, and four-year universities. Educational classroom kits are available that cover a wide range of topics, including:

Modular, multi-week laboratory courses are also available that guide students through complete molecular biology workflows that are identical to those performed in working science labs:

All kits contain materials for a minimum of 32 students. Check each kit for information on recommended classroom sizes.

Biotechnology Laboratory Textbook

Bio-Rad’s Biotechnology Laboratory Textbook is ideal for starting or enhancing a biotechnology laboratory course featuring real-world, hands-on activities that complement molecular biology techniques used in the laboratory setting.

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies
The Bio-Rad Explorer program also offers a wide range of research-grade lab equipment and supplies at a discount for educators to support life science laboratory instruction.