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The Western Blot Doctor is a self-help guide developed by Bio-Rad researchers that enables you to identify and troubleshoot western blotting problems. Comprehensive solutions and suggestions are provided to help solve your particular western blotting challenges.

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Good western blotting results begin with high-quality protein electrophoresis results. For detailed descriptions of the best practices for optimal protein separation by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, visit the Protein Electrophoresis section.

Download individual western blotting protocols in PDF format in the Protocols tab below.



Number Description Options
ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System Brochure, Ver D
Bio-Rad Stain-Free Western Blotting
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Housekeeping Protein Normalization Publications, Rev A
Selected Publications List: Total Protein Normalization in Western Blotting Using Stain-Free Technology
Traditional vs. Stain-Free Western Blotting
A Method for Greater Reliability in Western Blot Loading Controls: Stain-Free Total Protein Quantitation, Rev B
A Defined Methodology for Reliable Quantification of Western Blot Data


Number Description Options
6359 Avoiding Housekeeping Protein Detection Saturation Protocol, Rev A Click to download
6361 Determining the Appropriate Film Exposure Time Protocol, Rev A Click to download
6362 Determining the Appropriate Sample Load for Western Blots Protocol, Rev A Click to download
6363 Determining the Appropriate Sample Load When Using a Stain-Free V3 Western Workflow™ Protocol, Rev A Click to download
6366 Validating the Expression Consistency of a Housekeeping Protein Protocol, Rev A Click to download
6376 General Protocol for Western Blotting Protocol, Rev A Click to download
6390 General V3 Western Workflow Blotting Protocol, Rev A Click to download