HPLC Columns

HPLC Columns

Aminex HPLC columns

Aminex HPLC columns are the industry standard for the analysis of carbohydrates, organic acids, and alcohols.


High-Resolution Size Exclusion Columns

ENrich size exclusion HPLC columns

Learn how high-capacity ENrich size exclusion columns provide reproducible, high-resolution separation of biomolecules at high flow rates.


High-Resolution Ion Exchange Columns

ENrich ion exchange HPLC columns

Choose ENrich ion exchange columns for high-resolution separations over a wide range of temperature and sample viscosity.


CHT™ Type I Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Columns

CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite HPLC columns

Use Bio-Scale CHT Type I columns for rapid, reproducible, high-resolution separation of proteins from analytical to semipreparative scales.