384-Well Reaction Module #1840138



384-well reaction module for high throughput, fits C1000™, C1000 Touch™, and S1000™ thermal cyclers, gradient enabled



Use this swappable, independent 384-well reaction module for running PCR reactions in a 384-well format.

System Compatibility

The independent 384-well reaction module can be swapped, without the use of any tools, for the standard module that comes with the following systems:

C1000 Touch instruments:

S1000 instruments:

Associated Products

This independent 384-well reaction module is one of several interchangeable modules, which swap in seconds without tools.

For PCR:

For real-time PCR:

More Information

Learn more about interchangeable modules, compatible kits and reagents, and gel systems used with the C1000 Touch™ or S1000™ thermal cyclers.