Virus Detection and Transmission Kit #17008261EDU



Electrophoresis and virus transmission kit, includes DNA samples, molecular weight ruler, loading dye, and microcentrifuge tubes for 32 students; educational use only



Use the Virus Detection and Transmission Kit to teach your students the science behind molecular diagnostics in the context of epidemiology and public health. Based on published viral transmission cases studies, this hands-on lab activity puts your students into the roles of ER doctor, medical laboratory scientist, epidemiologist, and public health official as they use agarose gel electrophoresis to analyze patient samples and deduce how a novel virus strain spread through a restaurant.

Features and Benefits

  • Engages students in a real-world public health issue
  • Includes preamplified PCR samples to study the technique without a thermal cycler
  • Contains reagents and consumables for 8 lab stations (32 students)

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Alternate Product Configurations

Electrophoresis Reagents Kit Options Catalog Number
Virus Detection and Transmission Kit 17008261EDU
Virus Detection and Transmission Kit plus UView Electrophoresis Reagents 17008241EDU
Virus Detection and Transmission Kit plus Fast Blast Electrophoresis Reagents 17008251EDU