ddPCR™ CHO Residual DNA Quantification Kit #17000031



200 x 20 µl reactions, includes 20x CHO Residual DNA Quantification Assay and ddPCR Supermix for Residual DNA Quantification. For use with the QX100™, QX200™, or QX200™ AutoDG™ Droplet Digital™ PCR Systems
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the ddPCR CHO Residual DNA Quantification Kit to detect femtogram amounts of residual CHO host cell DNA (HCD) in various types of bioproduction intermediates.

To ensure product quality and safety of biopharmaceutical products, the amount of residual host cell DNA must meet guidelines established by regulatory agencies including the World Health Organization, the European Pharmacopeia, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Note: for research use only.

Kit Components

  • 20x ddPCR CHO Residual DNA Quantification Assay — 1 x 200 µl
  • ddPCR Supermix for Residual DNA Quantification — 2 x 1 ml

Key Features and Benefits

  • Direct sample input — eliminates the need for DNA extraction; partitioning minimizes the effects of inhibitors
  • Highly sensitive, precise detection and quantification of HCD without a standard curve:
    • LOD = 1 fg or better
    • LOQ ≤15 fg per 20 µl reaction
    • Range = 3 fg–3 pg
  • Minimal method development — assay and supermix guaranteed free of detectable levels of CHO and E. coli DNA
  • Accurate quantification even with highly fragmented DNA — kit detects SINE fragments ≥200 bp
  • Fast, simple workflow — completed within hours rather than days
  • High sample throughput — allows processing of several hundred samples in a single day

Additional Equipment

This kit is for use with one or more of the following instruments and accessories:

More Information

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Storage at –20°C
Guaranteed up to 18 months in a constant temperature freezer

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