50x Tris/Acetic Acid/EDTA (TAE) #1660742EDU



100 ml, TAE nucleic acid electrophoresis buffer solution, pH 8.0; education use only

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use 50x Tris/Acetic Acid/EDTA (TAE) for electrophoresis of nucleic acids.

  • Compatible with horizontal agarose and vertical polyacrylamide gels
  • Use with nondenatured and denatured DNA and nondenatured RNA
  • Unlike TBE, it does not interfere with the activity of some downstream enzymes such as ligases
  • Made with 18 Ω water

For educational use only.

For products intended for research use, please see Premixed Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis and Sample Buffers.

Packaging Options

Size or Number of Applications Catalog Number
100 ml 1660742EDU
1 L 1610743EDU
5 L 1610773EDU


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