DNA Stains

DNA Stains

UView™ Loading Dye and Stain, ethidium bromide, and Fast Blast™ DNA Stain are offered to stain DNA in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.

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UView Loading Dye and Stain

UView 6x Loading Dye is the perfect, safe, and time-saving solution for visualizing nucleic acids in your classroom and teaching lab. This dual-action fluorescent nucleic acid stain and loading dye allows for immediate visualization of DNA fragments after electrophoresis without the need for in-gel or post-electrophoretic staining/destaining.

UView 6x Loading Dye allows you to:

  • Save time with a combined DNA stain and loading dye
  • Visualize your DNA fragments immediately after electrophoresis
  • Use a nontoxic and nonmutagenic alternative to ethidium bromide
  • Detect samples in concentrations as low as 6 ng

Fast Blast DNA Stain

Fast Blast DNA Stain is an ultrasensitive, convenient, inexpensive, and nontoxic alternative to ethidium bromide for the detection of DNA. This unique product stains DNA deep blue in both agarose and polyacrylamide gels, providing vivid, consistent results. Agarose gels treated with Fast Blast Stain can be air-dried on our unique gel support film and kept as a permanent record of the electrophoresis run.

Fast Blast DNA Stain is packaged as 100 ml of a 500x concentrate that must be diluted before use. Use Fast Blast Stain to:

  • Stain DNA in agarose gels after electrophoresis in less than 15 min or overnight
  • Teach students basic principles of electrophoresis
  • Stain nuclei in intact cheek cells

Fast Blast molecules are positively charged and, along with negatively-charged food dyes (like those often found in candy shells), may be used to demonstrate the process of electrophoresis. When Fast Blast and food dyes are loaded into agarose gel wells, the positively charged Fast Blast molecules will migrate toward the negative (black) electrode, while the negatively charged food dyes will move toward the positive (red) electrode. This provides a striking and inexpensive visual demonstration of the movement of molecules during electrophoresis.

Ethidium Bromide Solution

Ethidium bromide is a sensitive fluorescent stain for visualizing DNA in agarose and polyacrylamide gels. Bio-Rad's premixed ethidium bromide solution is available as a 10 mg/ml solution that eliminates preparation steps and minimizes exposure to this hazardous chemical. A convenient dropper built into the bottle's lid prevents contamination of pipets and tips and reduces hazardous waste. The liquid dropper dispenses approximately 50 µl per drop.



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200 µl, 6x dual-action nontoxic fluorescent nucleic acid stain and loading dye; education use only
1,000 µl, 6x dual-action nontoxic fluorescent nucleic acid stain and loading dye; education use only
10 ml, premixed ethidium bromide solution for fluorescent staining of nucleic acids, 10 mg/ml; education use only
(Discontinued) Fast Blast DNA Stain
100 ml, nontoxic 500x concentrate, for deep blue DNA staining of agarose and polyacrylamide gels; education use only


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UView™ 6x Loading Dye and Stain Guide, Bio-Rad Explorer™
Ethidium Bromide Solution Instruction Manual, 10 mg/ml Rev B
Fast Blast™ DNA Stain (500x) Instruction Manual, Bio-Rad Explorer™