Mixing Devices

Lab mixers and lab agitators are useful general-purpose laboratory mixing devices that aid in a vast array of experiments. Bio-Rad offers multiple options for various mixing needs: hotplate stirrers, rocking platforms, vortexers, and tube rollers.

Category Products

  • lse_rocking_platform_cat_tn.jpg
    Rocking Platform

    Bio-Rad offers two research-quality rocking platforms for multiple applications.

  • lsr_vortexer_pdtn.jpg

    The BR-2000 vortexer is a general-purpose mixer for your varied laboratory needs. The three-position switch allows a range of applications, from gentle sample mixing to resuspending cell pellets.

  • lse_tube_roller_tn.jpg
    Tube Roller
    The tube roller offers horizontal and vertical mixing angles including end over end mixing, tumbling, rotating and rocking for samples in a variety of tube sizes.