0.2 ml 12-Tube PCR Strips and Domed Cap Strips, high profile, clear #TBC1202



Pkg of 20, bag of 8 x 12 thin-wall polypropylene tube strips and 8 x 12-cap strips for PCR, natural (1,920 tubes and 1,920 caps)



Use high-profile 0.2 ml 12-Tube Strips and Domed Caps Strips in most thermal cyclers in 48- or 96-well sample blocks. Tubes and caps are packaged in resealable pouches.

  • Thin-walled tubes for superior heat transfer
  • Reaction volumes 5–125 µl (300 µl max)
  • Can be centrifuged in a 96-place PCR-tube rack
  • DNase-, RNase-, and human DNA-free
  • Use for instrument compatibility

Product Options

Number of Tubes in Strip Caps Color Package size (number of tubes) Catalog Number
8 None Clear 125 (1,000) TBS0201
8 Domed Clear 20 x 12 (1,920) TBC0802
12 None Clear 100 (1,200) TBS1201
12 Domed Clear 20 x 8  (1,920) TBC1202


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