NGC Scout 10 Chromatography System #7880005



Includes 10 ml/min pumps, single-wavelength (UV) and conductivity detection, buffer blending options, for rapid pH scouting during sample purification



Request a Demo The NGC Scout 10 Chromatography System is designed for medium throughput labs. It has automated 10 ml/min pumps that provide accurate gradients for high-resolution separations for any application. This system may be used for creating automated buffer gradients with buffer blending for rapid condition scouting during purification of proteins.

The detection modules include an LED-based single light source for high-accuracy detection of protein with simultaneous conductivity measurements. The system also allows gradient separations at different pH values for rapid method development. Fractionated samples can be easily collected from analytical- to preparative-scale purifications using the NGC Fraction Collector and BioFrac™ Fraction Collector. To learn more, watch the NGC system tour.

The NGC Scout 10 system includes:

Features and Benefits of the NGC Scout 10 Chromatography System

A flexible, customizable chromatography system to suit both your application and workflow needs:

  • The Guided Fluidics selection tool (patent pending) coupled with the Module Discovery system enables a single-click application-based system setup through automated module function recognition
  • The Tier Rotate™ design allows optimal placement of valves and detectors to minimize the flow path
  • Compact footprint – fits in a refrigerator
  • Point-to-Plumb™ lighting shows the step-by-step LED-guided plumbing of the system
  • Unique ChromLab software provides powerful system control, automated methods, and analysis options

Applications and Uses of Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

Preparative- to analytical-scale isolation, purification, and analysis of multiple types of molecules:

More Information

NGC modular components allow your chromatography system to meet both laboratory space and application requirements. As these requirements change, systems may be easily reconfigured and seamlessly upgraded with increased functionality, such as higher flow rates, more sophisticated detection capabilities, pH monitoring, column scouting, and buffer blending. Use the configurator tool to build the best system to fit your needs.

A PC controller enables easy communication with the workstation and peripheral devices. The controller includes the Windows 7 operating system, application software, a keyboard, mouse, and high-resolution flat-panel monitor.