ChemiDoc™ XRS+ System with Image Lab™ Software #1708265


Gel imaging system, includes darkroom, UV transilluminator, epi-white illumination, camera, power supply, cables, Image Lab software compatible with Windows or Mac OS

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Features of the ChemiDoc XRS+ imaging system with Image Lab image acquisition and analysis software include:

  • Quick, accurate gel and blot imaging and analysis
  • Automated, hands-off routines that require no training
  • The software's ability to save and recall all the steps in the workflow for repeatable and reproducible results
  • System optimization at setup, which provides image data that are always accurate, reproducible, and free of imaging artifacts
  • A wide range of applications with special accessories that preserve sample integrity for downstream research while ensuring user safety
  • Comprehensive, automated, quantitative analysis of protein and DNA samples in seconds
  • Reports with customized and organized data
  • Quick publication-quality results
  • Focused images at all times, regardless of zoom level or sample position
  • Appropriate, automatic, and consistent flat fielding correction of image data for every application
  • Automatic correction of imaging artifacts
Chemiluminescence Yes
Fluorescence* Yes
Colorimetry/densitometry Yes
Gel documentation Yes
Hardware Specifications  
Maximum sample size 28 x 36 cm
Maximum image area 25 x 26 cm
Excitation source Trans-UV and epi-white are standard (302 nm included, with 254 nm and 365 nm available as options); optional trans white, self-powered or conversion screen; optional XcitaBlue™ UV/blue conversion screen
Illumination control 5 modes (trans-UV, epi-white, and no illumination for chemiluminescence are standard); trans white and XcitaBlue conversion screens are optional
Detector Supercooled CCD
Pixel size 6.45 x 6.45 µm
Cooling system Peltier
Camera cooling temperature –30°C controlled
Filter selector 3 positions (2 for filters, 1 without filter, for chemiluminescence)
Emission filters 1 included (standard), 3 optional
Dynamic range >4.0 orders of magnitude
Pixel density (gray levels) 65,535
Dynamic flat fielding Application specific, for all applications
Instrument size (L x W x H) 36 x 60 x 96 cm
Instrument weight 32 kg
Operating Ranges  
Operating voltage 110/115/230 V AC nominal
Operating temperature 10–28°C (21°C recommended)
Operating humidity <70% noncondensing
Automation Capabilities  
Workflow automated selection Application driven, user selected or recalled by a protocol
Workflow automated execution Controlled by a protocol via application-specific setup for image area, illumination source, filter, analysis, and reporting
Workflow reproducibility 100% repeatability via recallable protocols; from image capture to quantitative analysis and reports
Autofocus (patent pending) Precalibrated focus for any zoom setting or sample height
Image flat fielding** Dynamic; precalibrated and optimized per application
Autoexposure 2 user-defined modes (intense or faint bands)
*Use the optional XcitaBlue kit if performing SYBR® Safe DNA applications, because the UV to blue conversion screen allows you to visualize DNA samples while protecting against UV damage.

**U. S. patent 5,951,838.
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