MitoStain™ Green 498/520 Mitochondrial Stain #1351321


Pkg of 5, enough for 500 assays
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use MitoStain Mitochondrial Stains to visualize mitochondria when performing cell imaging experiments. MitoStain Green 498/520 is offered in an easy-to-use liquid format and features a fluorescent probe that accumulates specifically within mitochondria.

Key Benefits of MitoStain Mitochondrial Stains

  • Convenient liquid format with no weighing/resuspension steps required
  • Available in several excitation/emission combinations to facilitate multicolor experiments

Fluorophore Properties of MitoStain Green 498/520

Fluorescence Spectrum:

(Image here to be supplied by client)
(Caption TBD)

Product Options

Cell Imaging Staining Dye Optimal channel on the
ZOE™ Fluorescent Cell Imager
Excitation, nm Emission, nm Catalog
MitoStain™ Lime Green 399/550 399 550 135-1320
MitoStain Green 498/520 Green 498 520 135-1321
MitoStain Orange 545/575 Red 545 575 135-1322
MitoStain Red 575/600 Red 575 600 135-1323
MitoStain Deep Red 640/659 640 659 135-1324

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More Information

Download the MitoStain™ Staining Reagents Product Information Sheet.

Most MitoStain Organelle Staining Reagents are compatible with the ZOE™ Fluorescent Cell Imager. View the ZOE Fluorophore Compatibility Chart to find the solution that best fits your experiment.

*MitoStain EX405 (135-1320) and MitoStain Green (135-1321) are not fixable.



Excitation/emission wavelengths
498/520 nm
CAS Number
Storage and use
Store at –20ºC upon receipt
Temperature stability
Stable for 1 year at –20ºC after date of manufacture